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Free Pricing Webinar (On Demand)

Photographers regularly spend hundreds of dollars on webinars and presentations to improve their photography. Here is a free webinar for photographers with information you can use now to grow and improve the profit of your business. You also have the opportunity to develop an even deeper understand of how to make more money with pricing techniques for less than $100. Are you ready to make more money from your photography?


I love this system and will be pitching it for a number of projects – Andy

I hope more photographers adopt the per image licensing fee approach. – Kerry B.

Thank you SOO much for BRILLIANT and informative Information – Sharky

Big Pricing Webinars ($129  $77.00)

Are you ready for more in depth photography pricing information? Do you understand how pricing of your photography helps to increase and grow your business? If you find the information in the Free Photography Pricing Webinarfree webinar valuable, wait until you see the entire Big Pricing Webinar series. It’s full of great ideas to help you make more money with your photography. You can only find this webinar here in the RoshSillars.com Pro section. Click on the green and blue button to gain 30 days of access to these awesome webinars for $129.00  $77.00.  This means you can test pricing strategies and continue to review the webinar pricing information for thirty days.

Ask Rosh A Question

When you sign up for the pricing webinar series you also gain access to the social media section of Pro. This section allows you to ask questions of Rosh and other members of the community. You will find Rosh’s profile under Rosh or @rosh.

Here is How it works

Click the big green and blue button above and you are taken to a Paypal page to purchase access to the webinars. You don’t need a Paypal account, you can use your major credit card. Once you purchase the webinar access PayPal directs you to a registration page. Fill out the information, including your new user name and password. You will then have access to the pricing webinars page. Easy. Enjoy!
Note: Once you have access to the webinars there are no refunds. However, if you have an issue please contact the Rosh Media team for support. roshmedia@rosh.com. Note: Webinars are added, subtracted and updated without notice.


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