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Welcome to the On Demand photography pricing webinar series.

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Below is the introduction webinar you may have already viewed. I keep it here for your convenience. Select from the growing list of green buttons below to view and review all the available on demand webinars in the Big Pricing Webinar series. Each webinar topic is located on a different page.

Ask a question. You have access to Pro social; see the menu above. If you friend me (@rosh) you can ask questions after I accept your friend request. I check in every few days. Don’t worry you will have plenty of opportunity to ask a few questions during your 30 day visit.

Note: this website hosts Rosh Sillars archives, classes, webinars and interviews. If you would like more access, please visit the front page of the website.

The buttons below connect to the pricing webinar pages, based on topic, which make up the entire current series. if you have any questions please contact Note: Webinars are added, subtracted updated without notice.

Introduction Webinar + Q&A

Available On Demand Pricing Webinars (more coming)




Future Webinars Release dates

We decided to add more value to the pricing webinar series, so you’re in luck. You have 60 days total to review the current and future webinars on pricing.

January 1st, 2017


January 15th, 2017


January 30th, 2017


Feb 1st, 2017


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